• Sunday 19th of August 2018
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    Information for producers


    During the opening hours of The Budapest Wholesale Market producers can sell their products from their own vehicles in the outdoor sectors.

    Conditions for sale

    • T1 producer’s card: Any producer entering the Market with the purpose of selling must have a so-called T1 producer’s card. Producers without this card can sell their goods only on one occasion (with a temporary card) at the Market.  In order to apply for the card, an application form must be filled out with all the required documents (primary agricultural producer or entrepreneur certificate, certificate of incorporation for companies, tac code of the company and the copy of the NFCSO (NÉBIH) registration number attached to it.
    • Labelling: In order to ensure the tracking of goods, proper labelling should be used. The name and address of the producer or producer business must be placed on a surface that is clearly visible to customers (on the bed of the vehicle or its open back cover).
    • Entrance fee: Entry into the Market requires payment of an entry fee applicable to the category to the vehicle.
    • Policy: Everybody must observe the policy and the opening hours of the Wholesale Market. Receiving the T1 card: The T1 producer’s card can be picked up at the main cash desk of the Market during the opening hours.
    • Place reservation: Producers can reserve a place for one month, three months or one year provided that they enter the market at least 12 times a month.
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    Customer information


    Applying for a customer card (V2):

    Wholesale customers may apply for a customer card (V2) to enter the Market before the official opening hours. The number of new cards to be issued by the facility management office is limited.


    The vehicle used for procurement must be owned by the producer or the wholesale business (to be proved by presenting the registration certificate).
    Certification of fruit and vegetable wholesaler activity (registered in the individual entrepreneur’s license or, in the case of a company, certificate of incorporation not older than 30 days)
    High volume procurement – with weekly frequency, supplying and distributing goods to clients and shops, great distance from the capital – may justify the issuance of the V2 customer card. The application for the card, along with copies of the above-mentioned documents, phone number and email address must be submitted to the Wholesale Market’s facility management office in writing.

    Conditions of use for existing (already issued) cards

    The money deposited on the customer card (V1, V2) can be used to pay the entrance fee defined in the price list. The card can be topped up with money equivalent to 10 entries at the main cash desk of the Market.
    The V2 card can be issued if the ownership of the vehicle used for buying goods is proved by presenting the copy of the vehicle’s registration certificate. The actual load capacity of the vehicle must be at least five tons. The V2 card can only be used for the entry of a vehicle registered in the application.

  • Please use our price information service


    The Budapest Wholesale Market prepares an informative price list with the highest and lowest offer prices twice every week. This price list contains the producer’s and wholesale prices that are typical of the given day. If you use our data supply service, you can get information about the most recent prices early in the morning.
    The price list of fruits and vegetable and other goods offered at the Market can be ordered on the basis of conditions set out in a contract. The service fee for the complete list – sent twice a week, eight times a month – is HUF 9600/month + VAT. It is also possible to order customized lists of permanent or seasonal products for a proportionally reduced service fee.
    For detailed information about the service, please contact Mária Kocsis Földes at foldes.mari@nagybani.hu.

  • Entry and
    parking fees

    Valid as of 1 January 2017

    Both the sellers (producers) and the customers (retail or wholesale customers, institutions, etc.) may enter the Market for a daily fee.


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    Entry with a V2 card


    Vehicles may enter the Market from the time specified in the opening hours schedule.
    According to the current, summer opening hours schedule, the customers coming to the Wholesale Market in order to buy goods can choose from the following options:


    Customer’s car park: Vehicles may enter the customer car park at 353 Nagykőrösi út in Budapest’s District 23 – for a parking fee – at the times specified in the opening hours schedule. After procurement is completed, the goods may be transferred to the customer car park only in a handcart, a trolley or by using a carrier.


    Buffer car park: Customers may stop or park their vehicles before the opening hours of the Market at the buffer car park next to the access road to the Market. An entry fee – depending on the vehicle category – must be paid at the entry cash desks set up along the access road of the Market. The access road of the Market may be accessed by vehicles by observing the road signs and traffic rules.
    Customers should note that the producers and businesses operating in the territory of the Market are required to present the documents of their goods and ensure proper tracking (labelling) in accordance with the applicable regulation.